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Yoga Teacher Training in India

Kailash Tribal School of Yoga & Holistic Healing offers Yoga Alliance RYS 200hrs, RYS 300hrs & RYS 500hrs Yoga Teacher Training at Dharamshala, India.
yoga alliance yoga teacher training in dharamsala


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Here are some words from our recent & previous students. Please feel free to write few words for us, if you are one of our yoga students.

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My journey to India started with great excitement and nervousness! I was worried I will not be as good as all the other fellow students because most of my yoga was at the gym and self home practice trough android app's. When I started with my first day I could not have imagined what and incredible journey I have entered myself into for the next month. I learnt yoga from the beginning and what is the most important guidelines to practice and teach to others. But aside from the yoga I have spiritually and mentally learned so much and grew so much in myself and found healing and answers I wasn't even looking for! I have learnt so much over the 200 hours I did and I am looking forward to return to complete another 300 hours to obtain my 500 hours as a teacher. Thank you very much Yogi Sivadas for everything you taught me. Rachel Janse van Vuuren, South Africa. Email: or Facebook: Rachel Janse van Vuuren
Rachel Janse van Vuuren (Yogini Akhila)
Yogi Sivadas is down-to-earth, straightforward and inspiring man who shares the bunch of practical knowledge for healthy tuning our lifestyle in the course of nature. Defining spirituality as: 'individuals taking care for themselves', he does not mystify some black holes in the knowledge – indeed – he demystifies superstitions, inviting for self-awareness & self-responsibility as well as giving the true tools for such fine goals. Absolutely recommended! ( Bosnia
Semra Kikić
By far the best education of my life!!! They say when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears!!! I have finally experienced this today. Being raised as a Hindu in India and now living in USA for the past 10 years, I was a bit lost and came here thinking I will reconnect to my roots…my Indian roots (to be precise) but surprisingly found myself grounded and connected to my human roots, connected to mother earth and its splendour. This is not just a yoga program but an “Art of Living” program which teaches how to live for better!!! And after 10 weeks, I am better version of my own trueself My 10 weeks advanced yoga teacher training and 3 levels of Reiki course was not limited to just asanas and scriptures but included a whole spectrum on human anatomy, workings of human mind, yoga history, evolution, food, meditation, Sanskrit, yoga as therapy, chakras, pranayamas and finding your divine nature. The program design is challenging but exceptionally well planned and organized. The atmosphere in and around the studio is very calming and gives a gurukul feeling. The view from the studio and the student rooms is beyond exceptional. The peace from watching the sunrise and sunset in the Himalayas is simply divine. The educational books, music and resources provided during the course are a true treasure for life. Acharya Yogi Sivadas is a true scholar and it was my pleasure to study under his guidance. This is not the end but a beginning of my true calling my dharma!!! Yogini Shweta
Sweta Saraogi (Yogini Shweta)
I have been here at the Kailash Tribal School of Yoga and Holistic Healing for the 10 week program, and what an amazing experience it has been. I turned 60 y.o. the first day of class. I felt that this would be a great way to start the new decade, and yoga teacher training is something I have wanted to do for some time. I am a nurse practitioner in the U.S., working in family practice and psychiatry, and was particularly interested in healing with yogic and ayurvedic techniques, as well as further developing my spirituality, meditation practices and fitness. I was worried that my body would not tolerate 4 hours of yoga classes daily, and only committed to the 200 hr. course initially for that reason, although I was actually more interested in the content of the 500 hr. course to follow. My worries were unfounded, and I benefited greatly from the physical practice, without injury. I have chronic back pain, from 38 years of various forms of nursing. This is much improved, and I lost 9 kg. while here. Yogi Sivadas always advises gentle practice, listening to one's body, and resting when needed. This approach was perfect for me, and for everyone, in my opinion. Additionally, I have been so impressed with his teaching of the vastness of yoga as a way of life that leads to individual peace, more peace in our relationships and the world around us. Yogi Sivadas is a teacher with high ethical standards, along with a strong commitment to communicating with his students individually in ways that work. He extends his assistance to everyday issues as well. International students have various issues that arise during a long-term stay. He goes above and beyond to help with these needs as well. I plan to start a small school at my home in Wellington, KY, for yogic healing, meditation and Reiki. We have a small organic farm that backs up to the Daniel Boone National Forest, which I think will be an ideal setting. I have been inspired to move forward with this plan by Yogi Sivadas, and am proud to say he has been my teacher. p.s. In the far left corner of the photo is the tip of Mount Mani Mahesh Kailash in India. LINDA SMITH-DIKE (
LINDA SMITH-DIKE (Yogini Kamala)
Namaste Sivadas! Let me tell you story!!! I just want to share with you my "yoga" news! I'm currently teaching yoga twice a week at the school I work at. I teach to the staff and I've students who have never taken yoga ( and now love it) and some who have some experience. I also have private one on one lessons two times a week! I'm so happy and grateful for these opportunities! I can't thank you enough for all you taught me in India!!!! I find myself repeating your words constantly! So, your message is spreading around the world! On the personal level, I'm keeping up with my practice of yoga and meditation! I've also began a new phase on my diet and I'm currently introducing new food! I'm doing very well and that's very exciting too! Once again, thank you for being an inspiration to us all! P/S: I worked hard to get to this posture and I want to share it with you! OM SHANTI. Ivanna Khorramshahgol (Yogini Padma)(
Ivanna (Yogini Padma)
The 4 weeks with Yogi Sivadas was an amazing learning experience on many levels. I have learned much about yoga and its philosophy so I can continue learning and spreading the lifestyle further towards myself and others as well. We have been provided the necessary tools and information, which I consider to be the essential part of the course. I hope to take this opportunity and continue and broaden what I have begun to learn during these 4 weeks. Once again, I am thankful to you Yogi Sivadas for your knowledge, patience and I hope to plant and nourish the seed so that everyone and I can enjoy the “sweet fruits”. ~Yogni Divya~ Adriana Solarova (
Adriana Solarova ( Yogini Divya)
Thank you for guiding me on this beautiful journey! The 200 hour Teacher Training Course was an unexpected and surprising and truly enlightening experience! Your guidance and insight truly helped me to realize that it has been inside of me all of my life! Thank you for showing me truth, but still understanding that this is the beginning. The teacher training course and the Reiki course has provided me with the proper tools towards freeing my mind and living a life that is not only beneficial for me but also those around me! Even though I was only here for 4 weeks, in the grand scheme of life, I feel like I have received a lifetime worth of knowledge! Thank you for a truly unforgettable experience! ~ Yogini Vidya ~ Antonia Wollert (
Antonia Wollert (Yogini Vidya)
I finished my 200hr TTC with Yogi Sivadas end of September. I am very happy I chose Kailash Tribal School because not only did I improve my practice but I learnt so much more about the philosophy of yoga (which most people dont know about). We also spent many hours talking about so many things like health, food, spiritualism etc.. and also ended a few nights a week with interesting movies/documentaries. I came home with a different frame of mind and only then did I realize how much that course had done for me, not just physically but more so mentally and spiritually. Although it's difficult to practice consistently and to keep a serene mind in the real world with everyday stresses, I feel better equipped now. Thank you Yogi Sivadas for that! I hope to share the knowledge I got from him soon. Love and Light. Dorji Yuden (Yogini Padma) From Bhutan.
Dorji Yuden (Yogini Padma)
I found Kailash Tribal School of Yoga through a friend who had been the previous year, and as the course changed her life, it changed mine also. Yogi Sivadas did not only teach us how to be Yoga Teachers, he taught us how to live, breathe and eat yoga. The course itself was not confined as he gave us freedom to choose our way of living. This was the difference and it made me realize that I want to continue this way of living.....he gave us the wisdom to make the right was our journey. This experience is something I will always be grateful for. The classes were small and the living conditions were awesome. Overall, this is something that I would recommend without hesitation.Monique Williams ( )South Africa.
Monique Williams (Yogini Nandita)
Once again I came back to Kalish School of Yoga to complete the advance teacher training course. The structure of the advance course and being able to once again seat in the 200 course from the morning chants to afternoon lectures was refreshing and extremely beneficial for me. In the advance course, we went further in the Philosophy, ethics and lifestyle of Yoga along with studying the anatomy and physiology of Yoga, Sanskrit and teaching methodology. Having the opportunity to return to Kailish school has deepened my understanding of asanas and yoga therapy. By the time your finish with the program, you are ready to bring back new knowledge, and new tools as guidance toward the spiritual path and to pass it on to others. This is truly an life changing experience toward bringing peace, comfort, happiness to your life and surroundings. Namaste. Permanent Mailing address: 3208 west lake street #124 Mpls, MN 55416 Current Mailing address: P.O. Box 3323 Safat, 13034 Kuwait Mobile: +965 65175460 Email: website:
Maryam Hosseinnia ( Yogini Usha )

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200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Join the four weeks Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training course in Dharamshala, India. This is complete YTTC instructor's course with in-depth knowledge of Yoga.
Dates for YTTC 2014

  • 1st - 29th March : Spring YTTC
  • 1st - 29th April : Spring YTTC
  • 1st - 29th May : Summer YTTC
  • 1st - 29th July : Monsoon YTTC
  • 1st - 29th August : Monsoon YTTC

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300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

This six-week intensive Yoga Teacher Training is an exceptionally high quality, comprehensive, and transformative experience.
Dates for YTTC 2014

  • 1st March to 14th April
  • 1st April to 14th May
  • 1st May to 14th June
  • 1st July to 14th August

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500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Kailash Tribal School also offers 10 weeks | 200 + 300 = 500 hour training one after one.
Any time 10 weeks during this period:

  • 1st March to 14 th June
  • 1st July to 14th December

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Note : If anyone is interested in doing yoga teacher training course other than the advertised dates, please feel free to contact Yogi Sivadas. Additional courses can be organized.


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